Oil & Gas

Asset management is critical at all stages of oil and gas exploration, production and distribution.

Having the right information quickly makes all the difference in assuring or regaining reliability.

With our metallurgical analysis services, we can help you understand, prevent and resolve equipment failures. Steel Image’s services include in-field material evaluations and lab-based failure analysis suitable for the demands of the industry.

Laboratory Analysis Supporting Asset Management

All the information you need to solve the problem.
Not every detail of equipment failure is apparent to the eye. Failure analysis uses lab-based equipment to thoroughly investigate the issue. These tools can identify the suffered damage mechanism(s), assess for material quality issues and reveal additional relevant factors which contributed to failure.

With detailed analysis and reports, your company can apply this understanding to develop smart, effective solutions to prevent future losses.

Steel Image is your choice for fast, accurate failure analysis results.

On-Site Crack Recognition and Field Metallography

Determine the cause without destruction.
If cracks are found on critical path vessels, you need fast and accurate analysis to discover what caused the damage. We are the leader in on-site, non-destructive crack identification.

Using advanced field metallography, we can determine the nature of cracking and damage within 24 hours. Once you have
confirmed the type of damage, it will allow for informed repair decisions and risk assessments of other units.

Discover the world of metallurgical analysis with our hands-on training.

We’ve designed our training courses to provide an overview of what metallurgical analysis is and how it can benefit your operations. Using practical examples from the oil and gas industry, our training enables your team to discover applications of our lab’s resources.
Oil & Gas

Case Studies

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) of Stainless Steel Buffer Shell

A stainless steel vessel leaked after fifteen years of service. Subsequent inspection found a twin vessel to also contain cracks. A preliminary report was provided within 24 hours.

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Linear Indications in Heater Tube

Cracks found on critical path heater tubes threatened to delay the scheduled start-up. Steel Image was asked to determine the nature of the cracks. This work was completed within 24 hours.

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High Temperature Hydrogen Attack of a Differential Pipe

A reactor differential line broke when a carpenter erecting scaffolding accidentally hit it. What at first appeared to have been an accident could have led to a catastrophic failure. This work was completed within 24 hours.

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Microbiologically Induced Corrosion of Stainless Steel Tubes

A stainless steel tube leading to instrumentation leaked. Its replacement tube leaked eight days later.

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