On-Site Crack Recognition

Turn to Steel Image for advanced non-destructive inspection
and crack determination.

When inspection finds cracks on pressure vessels, you need to know what type of crack has developed. Knowing matters for repair decisions. Steel Image performs non-destructive inspection and crack recognition to help you determine your next steps in repair.


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Completed On-Site



The nature of cracking

Understanding the nature of cracking is critical for making repair and reliability decisions. Steel Image will travel to your site and use advanced in-situ metallography to determine the nature of cracking and return results within a 24-hour period.

In-situ metallography is a non-destructive process: you retain the serviceability of the component so crack repair remains an option.

Steel Image’s on-site crack recognition services will:

Determine the crack mode
Evaluate the surrounding material condition
Assess for service deterioration
Provide essential information for determining next steps

These services can also be used to learn more about cracks and crack-like indications that can impact your operation.

Our team is ready to bring the necessary equipment to your site to perform recognition services that provide immediate results.

Knowing the type of cracking matters for your repair decisions.

Let Steel Image help.

On-site Crack Recognition

Case Studies

Cracked Welds in Ammonia Tank

Inspection of a fifty-year-old ammonia tank found numerous cracks. There was concern that other pipes and storage tanks may also have been at risk. In-situ metallography was used to determine the crack type.

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Linear Indications in Heater Tube

Cracks found on a critical path heater tubes threatened to delay the scheduled start-up. In-situ metallography was used to determine the nature of the cracks. This work was completed within 24 hours.

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Stress Corrosion Cracks in Heat Exchanger Channel

Penetrant inspection had found cracks on the external surface of a carbonate reboiler channel. In-situ metallography was used to determine the nature of cracking. This work was completed within 24 hours.

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