Asset management is critical for the economic production of energy. When equipment fails, you need the right information quickly to make informed decisions.

We provide metallurgical analysis to resolve and prevent equipment failures for the energy industry, whether in power generation, energy storage or another aspect of your organization. By discerning the cause of failure, we ensure you are prepared for repair and recovery.

We operate quickly to deliver results that make all the difference in regaining the reliability your organization depends on.

Understanding Equipment Failures

A problem well-understood is a problem half-solved.

The details of equipment failure are not always apparent to the eye. Steel Image’s failure analysis uses lab-based equipment to determine every aspect that contributed to the issue. Our tools can identify the suffered damage mechanism(s), assess for material quality issues and reveal additional relevant factors contributing to failure.

Our analysis services can help you develop smart, effective solutions to prevent future losses.

When time matters, we can provide failure analysis results within 24 hours.

On-Site Crack Identification

Get the answers you need non-destructively.

When cracks are found on pressure vessels during inspection, knowing the type of cracking is critical for reliability decisions. Steel Image is the leader in on-site, non-destructive crack identification.

With field metallography, we can determine the nature of cracks without destroying the component. Our services assess the damage mode to provide the details needed for repair and help you understand the risks to other units.

Advance your team’s knowledge with custom training.

Give your team the knowledge they need to make the most of metallurgical analysis and our lab’s resources. Our hands-on training uses examples from the energy industry to highlight how analysis helps in cases of leaks and failures.

Find out more about our on-site and online training options.


Case Studies

Thermal Fatigue of Boiler Tube

Boiler tube failure resulted in a forced shutdown. This was the second failure of its kind. With two other identical boilers also at risk, a failure analysis was conducted to determine why the tube had failed.

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Damage Survey after Boiler Failure

A steam boiler experienced wall tube rupture. To assess whether neighbouring tubes were also at risk of failure, in-situ metallography inspection was used. Verbal results were provided immediately on-site during the repair and the final report was provided within 24 hours.

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Flow Assisted Corrosion (FAC) of HRSG Tubes

Two superheater tubes in a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) had leaked. Failure analysis was used to explain the cause of failures and a design modification was recommended.

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