Failure Analysis

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Metallurgical failure analysis

Metallurgical failure analysis incorporates lab-based equipment to analyze and explain why a component failed. Our analysis services provide evidence that can reveal the cause of failure, including:

Service factors
Problems with manufacture
Material issues
Design weaknesses

Ultimately, we provide the information needed to make informed decisions that can be used to prevent future failures and assess the risk to other components still in service.

We are poised to provide your results within 24 hours when needed.
Our usual turnaround time is less than two weeks.

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Failure Analysis

Case Studies

Fatigue Failure of a Train Motor Gear

A locomotive train gear broke, leaving the train stranded. Failure analysis was used to explain why the gear had broken and whether other trains were also at risk.

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Stress Corrosion Cracking of Deaerator Piping

A refinery had suffered leaking of a deaerator at its stainless steel vent piping, forcing it to shut down. This work was completed within 24 hours.

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Hydrogen Embrittlement of Grade 12.9 Bolts

A lathe designed for the US Navy experienced bolt failure shortly after assembly and before significant use. The mystery of the broken bolts was solved by failure analysis.

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