Equipment is the lifeblood of mining operations.

Resuming operations after equipment and structure failures is critical. Downtime is expensive, whether through lost production and replacement costs. It can also create safety concerns and increased liabilities.

Our on-site and metallurgical laboratory services offer solutions to suit your needs and support international mining operations. We can help resolve failures quickly to help resume production.
Steel Image helps in resolving such failures by providing on-site and metallurgical laboratory services to support international mining operations.

Understanding Equipment Failures

Examination and analysis provides the clarity you need.

Diagnosing the precise cause of failure is critical. Incorporating field examination and lab-based analysis, our metallurgical failure analysis explains why a metallic component failed. This information is essential for the development of the right solutions.

Working with us, it’s possible to develop cost-effective solutions to prevent failure from reoccurring. Our analysis services ensure that corrective actions are based on a thorough understanding of the factors contributing to failure.

Expand your team’s knowledge and capabilities with our training

Maximizing the advantages of metallurgical analysis requires a clear understanding of how our lab works. Our training courses are customized to your industry to highlight how analysis can benefit your operations. The hands-on approach uses practical examples of metallurgical failure analysis so you can discover how to best apply our lab’s resources.

We offer on-site training to meet your needs as well as online seminars, allowing us to integrate with international operations and reach even the most remote locations.

Find out more about our courses and training.

Additional Support

We can also support your needs through metallurgical consulting.
Let us help you by overseeing material testing or providing other essential laboratory analysis services to resolve metallurgical issues.


Case Studies

Fatigue Failure of Mine Shaft Brake Springs

Two springs apart of a mine shaft hoist brake had failed. This hoist carried personnel up and down the mile deep shaft and was considered safety critical.

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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of Mine Clarifier Tank

A gold mine clarifier tank had leaked after only one year of service. This work was completed within 24 hours.

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Fatigue Failure of Mine Conveyor Shaft

Conveyor shaft failure had resulted in significant lost production at a gold mine. It was the second time this mine had experienced issues with the shaft assembly.

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