Failure Analysis, Field Metallography and Training

Steel Image is a leading provider of metallurgical failure analysis with clients across North America. Working with refineries, manufacturers and mining companies, we diagnose the cause of failure to provide information needed to make informed decisions.

The heart of Steel Image is our laboratory.  From microscopes to chemical analysis equipment to mechanical testing, Steel Image is equipped with everything a metallurgical engineer might crave.  And our clients might need.  This equipment provides the tools needed for thorough failure analysis.

The experience gained in the laboratory also has practical advantages in the field.  Combined with field metallography, our most experienced engineers are capable of non-destructively diagnosing crack-type or explain indications found by inspection.  To our knowledge, no other company has as much combined field metallography and in-laboratory experience.  Therefore, we lead the industry in on-site, non-destructive crack diagnosis.

Benefit from Steel Image’s experience, obtained through investigating thousands of failures through courses and books.  Learn how to diagnose and interpret mechanical failures during our one-day fractography course.  Or read our practical guide to deciphering mechanical fractures, Decoding Mechanical Failures.

Steel Image is:

1. Practical
2. Innovative
3. Solution-focused

We provide critical information when it matters most.