About the company

Steel Image is a leading provider of metallurgical failure analysis with clients across the globe. Working with refineries, automotive manufacturers and mining companies, our expert analysis explores the cause of failure to provide clients with the information they need to make informed decisions at critical times. We are dedicated to advancing materials science through research and development, pushing the boundaries of inspection and analysis now to discover what it can be.

Our team of experts understand the importance of time. We work to deliver in-depth results as quickly as possible with the details you need to solve problems.

Steel Image is:

1. Practical
2. Innovative
3. Solution-focused
4. Trustworthy

We provide critical information when it matters most.

Our Team

Steel Image’s team isn’t just focused on finding answers, we look for solutions. With trained metallurgists and experts ready to evaluate the issue, we can help you determine your next steps.

Find out how Steel Image can help you today.