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You can’t learn failure analysis from books alone.

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An Introduction to Metallurgical Failure Analysis and Fractography

Diagnosing the precise cause of a failure is critical for developing cost-effective solutions that prevent repeat failures. Fractography examines and interprets the fracture features to determine details essential to understanding why a part failed. Using stereomicroscopes and learning on actual failed parts, we provide a hands-on introduction on how to interpret crack features.

In this course, you will:

  1. Handle dozens of failed parts and examine them under a microscope.
  2. Learn to interpret all the mechanical failure/crack modes (ductile, fatigue, brittle).
  3. Develop the ability to recognize the crack initiation sites, crack path, level of loading and other fracture features.
  4. Apply this information to understand how and why a part failed. Then use it to provide corrective actions.

You cannot learn fractography from a textbook: it has to be hands-on learning over actual broken parts. This one-day course can be held anywhere and is the only one of its kind, providing real value for anyone who deals with component failures through reliability, design, quality or inspection.

Designed for a maximum of 16 participants, this challenging course introduces both young and seasoned professionals to failure analysis and will expand the expertise of engineers at all levels.

Cost: $7500 + travel

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