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Steel Image provides failure analysis and field metallography to help solve problems experienced by North America’s oil, manufacturing, mining and energy industries. Whether in our laboratory or at your facility, we provide information to support making effective decisions and help prevent future failures.

Our team combines speed and expertise to provide unrivaled support. When time is critical, ask about our 24 hour turnaround failure analysis.

Steel Isn’t Hard (To Learn)

by Shane Turcott

Book coming early 2023!

Steel can be quite strong and hard – these are amongst the reasons why we use it. Yet steel is not hard to learn and understand. This book introduces the most practical, most pragmatic concepts of steel useful to design, manufacture and repair.

Decoding Mechanical Failures

by Shane Turcott

When a metal component fails, its fracture surface is the greatest source of information as to why it failed — it just needs to be decoded. Intended for engineers, reliability professionals and inspectors, this book teaches how to recognize and interpret ductile, brittle and fatigue fractures. It provides the logic sequence used for the practical application of fractography: to move from failure mode diagnosis toward the root cause of failure. Additional chapters include discussion on rotating shafts and fastener failures.

Training introducing how to examine and interpret fractures.

In-person and online courses are available.

Services Provided Include:

Examination to understand and solve component failures

Field metallography and on-site crack diagnosis

Hands-on training designed to improve your team’s knowledge and skills

We tailor our services to your industry and to your company’s needs.

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Advance your abilities

Hands-on training course teaching how to recognize and interpret fracture features. Learn by holding and examining failed parts.