Fail, Learn, Succeed

Steel Image provides the fastest, most practical metallurgical failure analysis to help solve problems experienced in the oil, manufacturing, mining and energy industries. We offer world-class expertise and provide critical information through analysis to put failure in the past.

Our team of experts understand the importance of time. We work to deliver in-depth results as quickly as possible with the details you need to solve problems.

We are world leaders in:

Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Examination to understand and solve component failures.

On-Site, Non-Destructive Crack Recognition

In-situ metallography for inspection and damage surveys.

Focused Training Services

Hands-on training designed to improve your team’s knowledge and skills.

We tailor our services to your industry and to your company’s needs.

Explore your industry to find out how Steel Image can help.

Advance your team’s abilities.

Choose Steel Image’s exclusive fracture recognition and failure analysis training course to help your team succeed.